featherweight [feth′ərwāt΄]
1. any person or thing of comparatively light weight or small size
2. an unimportant person or thing
3. a boxer between a junior featherweight and a junior lightweight, with a maximum weight of 126 pounds (57.15 kg)
4. the minimum weight that a racehorse may carry in a handicap
1. of featherweights
2. light or trivial

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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  • featherweight — also feather weight, the lightest allowable, 1812 (earlier as simply feather, 1760), from FEATHER (Cf. feather) (n.) + WEIGHT (Cf. weight). Originally in horse racing; boxing use dates from 1889 …   Etymology dictionary

  • featherweight — ► NOUN 1) a weight in boxing intermediate between bantamweight and lightweight. 2) a person or thing not worth serious consideration …   English terms dictionary

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